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Travelist Wander Society

The Travelist Wander Society is our U.S. based travel club designed for the type of person who travels to experience the wonder of a new locale: the culture, the people, to learn, to be inspired, to deepen the soul and enlighten the spirit.

We curate itineraries with bespoke guidebooks and optimized travel gear for small groups that appeal to myriad travel styles from luxury to adventure with the common thread of wandering for wonder in the company of like minded fellow travelers -- ensured by our proprietary technology.

Become a member of the Travelist Wander Society by participating in one of our featured tours (excluding local tours) or through referral by an existing member.

For membership or to be notified of upcoming tours please complete our interest form below.   

For Travel Suppliers: click below to learn how to participate as one of our preferred travel suppliers.