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Virus Defense

See our Field Notes page for details on the effects of essential oils on viruses and bacteria

Our picks for products containing the oils mentioned in the research paper of essential oils inhibiting the growth of a variety of viruses: Laurel Berry, Juniper, Thuja and a soothing olive oil soap with a high percentage of anti-viral laurel oil for washing your hands:

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Stuffa "wearable luggage"

Never check bags again. Pack all the essentials for travel in your Stuffa jacket or vest and wear it aboard. Available for men or women. Several other styles available on the Stuffa website


The ultimate in Smart Bags


Halliburton Luggage

Zero Halliburton

An American Classic. Built on a foundation of resilience, reliability and cutting-edge design, Zero Halliburton was the first to introduce the world to aluminum luggage in 1938. In addition to its celebrated aluminum collections, the brand offers a comprehensive assortment of polycarbonate, carbon fiber and soft-sided cases. Products range from various sizes of carry-on bags to roomy 30" luggage, elegant attache cases to nylon backpacks and specially designed camera cases.

TEP Wireless

TEP Wireless

Bring WiFi with you wherever you go. TEP uses the 4G military grade WiFi hotspot developed by Sapphire International to provide reliable WiFi access throughout six continents. WiFi pucks available for short term rental or purchase. Many extras including traveler concierge service in several countries, support for VoIP, SMS via app. No more roaming charges from cell phone providers. Use WiFi to place calls, surf web, send email... Always stay in touch.

RoamingMan Wireless

RoamingMan Wireless

ROAMING MAN's mission is to provide global travelers with freedom, convenience and great service experience. Share multiple devices at one time, global coverage includes over 130 countries and regions, no contract or subscription, unlimited data usage (4G LTE where available).

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